Slips & Trips

Tripping accidents often occur outside on pavements, roads or highways and are usually due to defects, faulty workmanship or areas falling into disrepair.Slipping accidents can often occur in supermarkets, shops, pubs, restaurants and other similar places. Such accidents are usually the result of spillages on the floor or floors which have recently been cleaned but have had no warning signs erected. Any slip or trip that you have had that was not your fault could entitle you to compensation, so please call us on 0800 169 6203 for FREE advice.

Where you have tripped on a road, highway or pavement there are guidelines as to what is usually considered to be legally 'dangerous'. Whilst these may be different to what one would normally consider to be dangerous, claims do have to conform to these rules. So please ensure, if you have had a trip and are thinking of making claim, to take photographs of the defect you tripped on, showing measurements of the dimensions of the defect. We will in all likelihood need to see these photographs to consider whether we think the defect you tripped on would be considered legally 'dangerous'. Also, taking details of witnesses can be very helpful.