Road Accidents

Have you been injured whilst on the road, whether as a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian? Was the accident someone else's fault, partly or wholly? You could be entitled to compensation - please call us or contact us on 0800 169 6203 for our FREE advice.

All drivers of motor vehicles are required to have motor insurance to provide cover for people injured whilst on the road (even passengers in their own car). Don't worry if the person did not have insurance cover though, you can still make a claim for compensation. This is also the case if it was a hit-and-run , if the person gave false details, or cannot be traced. Please contact us on 0800 169 6203 for our FREE advice.

Injuries - many people involved in Road Traffic Accidents suffer whiplash as a result of the accident. This can manifest itself in the form of neck pain, back pain and headaches. Some people suffer more serious injuries and some suffer more minor injuries.