Success Stories

Accident at work - employee recovers £1.4 million

An employee, Sam (not his real name) suffered a horrific accident at work when a compressed air tool discharged a clip into his eye. As a result of the accident Sam was left severely sight impaired.

The client commented “Flanagans Solicitors provided an excellent professional service and I would recommend their service to anyone.” Pip Britton, the sole practitioner, of the firm stood by his family through each stage of the compensation claim process. Sam elected to place his award in a personal injury trust which will provide for him and his family for the remainder of his life.

Accident at Work - successful compensation and rehabilitation

Mr. G was an assistant in a confectionary company. He was part of a team making meat pies. As he pushed a trolley filled with meat pies through the factory the wheels which were defective suddenly buckled causing the trolley to fall over. Mr. G severely injured his back as he fell to the ground whilst at the same time trying to support the trolley.

Not surprisingly his employer’s wanted to shift as much blame as possible onto Mr. G to reduce his possible compensation award.  After careful assessment, Flanagans successfully argued that he was not at all to blame for the accident and that there should be no deduction from his compensation. Pip Britton who has considerable experience of work accident claims successfully argued his case and won a substantial settlement.

Whilst the claim was ongoing Mr. G needed expert rehabilitation to cope with the physical and mental traumas he suffered. Pip Britton took an active role in setting up a rehabilitation programme.

Mr. G had this to say about the service provided by Flanagans; “A fantastic service”

Injured by goods falling off a supermarket shelf

Claire (not her real name) was injured by some goods which fell off a shelf in a supermarket. She was struck in the face damaging her nose and she also injured her neck. The injury was very distressing for her as it altered her appearance. Suzanne Dobbs took over her claim and she received £25,000 in compensation.

Claire wrote to Suzanne to say “Thank You for all your hard work, patience and quick responses! It has been an enjoyable journey.”

Knocked off bicycle

Gail (not her real name) was knocked off her bicycle in Oxford. She injured her neck and her wrist and she was very nervous about cycling again. Suzanne Dobbs took over the conduct of her claim and arranged for her to have private medical treatment. She recovered compensation of £15,000.

Gail wrote to Suzanne “I have received my cheque. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. It was a great pleasure to work with you and Alison. If I need any help in the future I will definitely contact you and will advise you to all my friends. Once again thank you very much.”

Car collided into pedestrian

Jane (not her real name) was injured in a very nasty accident when she was knocked over by a vehicle reversing at speed in a car park. The vehicle hit her so hard that the impact nearly severed a major artery causing severe internal bleeding in her thigh. The injury was very distressing for her.

Fiona Marsden dealt with her case throughout. She received £20,000 in compensation for her injury.

Jane commented “I received a great service and I found Flanagans very helpful and thorough. Fiona took care of everything for me at a time when I really needed that. I am more than satisfied with the service and the settlement received.”

Client tripped on defective street paving

Caroline (not her real name) was injured when she fell in the street in Gloucester. She suffered some nasty facial injuries and also injured her back. Fiona Marsden took over her claim which eventually settled for £6,000

Caroline wrote to Fiona “A huge thank you for the successful outcome of my case. It was your unstinting effort and intelligent handling of my case and sheer determination and personal care shown to my interests that lead to such a successful outcome.”

Repetitive strain type injury due to unsafe system of work

Mary (not her real name) suffered a repetitive strain injury due to an unsafe system of work. She sustained an injury to her shoulder which meant that she had to take a significant amount of time off work.

Fiona Marsden dealt with her case throughout and arranged medical investigations such as an MRI, and nerve conduction studies via the Defendant insurers to obtain a medical prognosis. Her claim was settled for just over £35,000

Mary said “The whole company has been nothing but professional and courteous. All the staff were very friendly, approachable and, may I say, delightful. I was very happy with the service and I felt very confident in using Flanagans.”